SoundTrue around-ear headphones II

Engineered for your music. Designed for your style.

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Presenting the around-ear headphones that focus your music inward while proclaiming your style to the world. SoundTrue headphones II bring your music to life with depth and clarity that many headphones can’t deliver. And they’re redesigned with a slimmer profile and fresh, new colors.

Featuring a softly padded headband and memory foam to cushion around your ears, they’re so light and comfortable you just might forget you’re wearing them. Yet they’re durable enough to survive your busy life, and include a matching carrying case.


Frequency range 6 Hz — 25000 KHz
Dimensions/weight 7.5" H x 6.0" W x 1.5" D (6.5 oz)


As usual, Another Awesome product by Bose

As a serious Bose fan, I bought a new pair of the SoundTrue II Headphones. I really did not need them, but I thought to myself...........These are Bose ! How can I go wrong ? I didn't go wrong ! I loved them ! Took them with me on a cross country road trip with some friends. When I wasn't driving, I was jamming out ! A few of the guys decided they wanted to check out my headphones. They fell in love with them ! So, on our trip 3 extra sets of headphones were bought ! The only way I see it is that I will always stay with Bose for my music listening needs ! Thank You for an excellent product !

John Smith


SoundTrue® Around-Ear II Carry Case

SoundTrue® Around-Ear II Carry Case

SoundTrue® Around-Ear II Carry Case

SoundTrue® headphones inline mic/remote cable

SoundTrue® Around-Ear II Carry Case

SoundTrue® around-ear headphones II ear cushion kit